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Welcome to our page, here we connect loves and future ones together. This year we are hoping to have some great stories for the coming Year! Finding some lost fur parents and finding some new ones. 

On this site you can find information on what is in Pet Food, Health Care and Prevention for Pets, know what steps to take when you lose your Pet with the Lost Checklist! We also have Lost Form or Found Form, List of  Holistic Veterinarians in Canada and Our LOL Gallery. These items can be found in Our FAQ section as well as our Pet Resource page.

The Westshore Petwatch is a small group that is dedicated to aiding those less fortunate. Are main goal is keep our  neighborhood pets and local wildlife safe. Located in West Shore Area of South Pickering, We've been rescuing and fostering animals for 15 yrs now.  Many of those we have helped we have been able to find their owners or new homes, getting them on their paws again and starting a life. 


 Please remember the local papers will run free ads for anyone

who has lost or found any animal!


Ok, they say "pet" but you know what I mean. Go check out your local shelter or rescue. You also can check the thousands of places on or


Coming soon the Kitty Cam! Watch our furry friends live

in their own cat cage as it over looks the woods by the lake!


                                            The Year of The Fix       

The City of Toronto has now opened a  Low Fee Spayed/Neuter Program. Based on a business and operational model developed by Humane Alliance: low cost, high-volume, and self-sustaining.

• Primarily focused on cats and kittens due to the enormous problem of homeless, stray, abandoned and feral cats in the city of Toronto. Dogs and puppies are also accepted at the clinic.

• The Toronto Humane Society Spay/Neuter and Vaccine Services are open to citizens needing veterinary services for their pets. They do not accept breeders at these clinics.


For more information please visit the Toronto Humane Society’s High Volume Spay/Neuter Services

         Westshore Petwatch helps Pet lovers connect to protect and care for our best friends

We are dedicated about helping pets live longer, happier lives and healthier lives. Our e-mail is for notification of lost and found pets, By adding yourself to our alerts you make is simpler, faster and safer for pets and owners to reunited.

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