Urinary Problems in Cats & Dogs

                    What Products Can I Give My Cat To Help Prevent Urinary Problems?


Cranberry Relief Plus Catnip Soft Chews for Cats

Natural formula helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract and support the immune system.  Acts both as a mild antiseptic and as an immune system booster that helps the body naturally fight infection.  Acidifies urine pH slightly thereby creating an environment in which infection is less likely to occur.

Active Ingredients per 2 soft chews:
Cranberry Extract.....210 mg
Echinacea Purpurea.....105 mg
Oregon Grape Root.....34 mg
Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C).....34 mg

Inactive Ingredients: Catnip, Cod Liver Oil, Flaxseed Meal, Glycerin, Lecithin, Natural Flavoring, Oat Groats, Rice Bran, Rice Flour, Sorbic Acid, and Vegetable Oil

Cleanz Detox

For removal of unwanted environmental toxins from organs.  Improves energy, overall health and well being.

Cleans the system of all the toxins the body has accumulated over the years. These toxins come from a variety of areas: spot on treatments, yard sprays, house sprays, air fresheners, wormers, shampoos and preservatives in foods are just some of the areas. The toxins build up in the system and decrease liver and kidney functions which results in the pet looking and acting less healthy.


Dogs/Cats under 20 lbs/10 kg, 5 drops; 21-60 lbs/ 10-30 kg, 10 drops; 61-100 lbs/30-45 kg, 15 drops; over 100 lbs/45 kg, 20 drops.

Treatment:  Twice daily for 21 days, repeat every 3 months.

Pets Under 1 lb:  2 drops in the drinking water twice daily.

SMALL MAMMALS such as rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and pot bellied pigs can be dosed by weight as for cats and dogs in previous section.

Kidney Tone

The kidneys are just as important to the health of your animal companion as they are for humans. Pets can be exposed to the same environmental and biological toxins as humans and may benefit from a gentle cleanse of the kidneys. Kidney Tone has been specially formulated for your pet to gently detoxify the kidneys. Follow label directions for the size and weight of your animal for best results.

Your family pet need not suffer the ill effects of kidney toxicity. Suitable for both cats and dogs, Kidney Tone contains the following herbs: Lysimachia christinae, Uva ursi, Corn silk, Horsetail , Crataeva nurvala, and Schizandra chinensis all in an easy-to-use, and better absorbed liquid formulation, with natural chicken flavour.


Hydrangea Root

 Hydrangea Root-a flower essence, helps to naturally dissolve kidney stones and struvite crystals. A safe, natural alternative treatment, to be used in conjunction with a grain-free diet for pets. Kidney support, urinary diuretic, eliminates swelling and fluid retention, increases the flow of urine. Will dissolve/remove bladder/struvite & kidney stones and relieve the pain they cause, and alleviates backache due to kidney distress.

A common shrub, hydrangea is a bitter and a solvent.

Hydrangea root (Hydrangea arborescens) is a bitter herb that has been traditionally used to relieve inflamed or enlarged prostate, for urinary stones or gravel associated with infections, for arthritis, gout, and for bladder problems. Its solvent properties nutritionally support the urinary system. It contains natural minerals plus silicon, flavonoids, resins and saponins

Hydrangia root is antilithic (preventing the formation of calculi or promoting their dissolution.) which means that it dissolves urinary stones and prevents the formation of new ones.

Hydrangea has a long history of promoting a healthy prostate and urinary tract.  It combats infection and is believed to very helpful in treating inflamed or enlarged prostate and bladder infection, including cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis, etc.  As a diuretic, it promotes the flow of urine and is said to remove stones and the pain caused by them.

Hydrangea stimulates the kidneys to release retained fluid and helps to prevent the formation of gravel.  It will also help to pass deposits through the ureters from the kidneys to the bladder. Importantly, the herb is also used to relieve the backache often caused by kidney trouble and dissolve and remove kidney stones.

Further supporting a healthy urinary tract, Hydrangea helps treat urine problems, such as frequent urination that may also be accompanied by burning pain, and it has been used to help treat bedwetting problems in children.

Hydrangea is believed to be a blood cleanser and may treat lymphatic conditions that are caused by poor blood. Hydrangea has also been used to relieve chronic rheumatoid arthritis and the swelling of arthritis (by reducing calcium deposits), gout and edema.

Hydrangea Capsule Dosage:
Kidney Stones-Administer x 6-8 weeks, then re-test
Struvite Crystals: Administer x 6 weeks, then re-test
up to 25lbs:  1/2 capsule with food 3xday
25-50 lbs: 1  capsule with food 3xday
50-75lbs: 1 1/2 capsules with food 3xday
75lbs+: 2 capsules with food 3xday

Hydrangea Liquid Dosage:
Kidney Stones-Administer x 6-8 weeks, then re-test
Struvite Crystals: Administer x 6 weeks, then re-test
Administer 3 times daily: 1 drop per 2 lbs of body weight up to 50 lbs Add 1 drop per 4 lbs thereafter.

For Maintenance & Prevention
Administer once a month for 7 days

KIDNEY CARE - (Urinary Antiseptic)
(formerly Kidn-Ex)

Helps to relieve hemorrhaging, bleeding or severe infection.  Kidn-Ex is an effective urinary antiseptic with soothing properties.  Helps to rebuild the entire urinary tract.  A wonderful formula for rebuilding and strengthening the kidneys and urinary tract.

effective at stimulating the kidneys
Very effective for difficult urination
rich in minerals, especially potassium
has a diuretic effect
effective in all kidney disorders, strengthens, disinfects and tones membranes of urinary passages
is mucilaginous, coats, soothes & heals inflamed areas such as the urinary tract
helps remove obstructions & congestion
enhances and synergizes the formula
a powerful relaxant
helps remove toxins from the body
a stimulant for the circulatory system
heals mucous membranes
one of the best infection fighters


From the pesky weed, the leaves and roots have been used traditionally to treat and detoxify liver (increase bile flow), kidney (diuretic) and digestive disturbances (dyspepsia). Also traditionally used in herbal medicine to stimulate appetite.  Particularly effective as a diuretic, dandelion is rich in potassium and does not deplete potassium as occurs with most other natural and synthetic diuretics.



Known best in North America as a weed that pops up in freshly cut lawns, dandelion grows wild in most of the world and is cultivated as an herb in China, France, and Germany. Young leaves are picked in the spring for tonic salads. In the early summer, before the plant blooms, leaves are harvested for the manufacture of medicinal teas, and tinctures. The roots of two-year-old plants are dug in the fall, when they have their greatest concentration of the complex carbohydrate inulin, for use in tablets and tinctures.


Dandelion leaves are a powerful diuretic. The roots act as a blood purifier that helps both the kidneys and the liver to remove toxins and poisons from the blood. The roots have been used for centuries to treat jaundice. Dandelion also acts as a mild laxative and improves appetite and digestion. It is useful for eczema-like skin problems, boils, and abscesses, and is believed to help prevent age spots and breast cancer.

Benefits of dandelion for specific health conditions include the following:  

• Anemia.  Dandelion contains high levels of potassium, is a rich source of iron and vitamins, and, ounce for ounce, contains more carotene than carrots. Herbalists have used dandelion for generations to treat anemia due to deficiencies of folic acid, iron, and vitamin B12.

• Bladder infection and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).  Unlike many conventional diuretics, which cause a loss of potassium, dandelion leaves are rich in potassium. Using the herb as a diuretic results in a net gain of this vital mineral. Because of its diuretic effect, dandelion helps to relieve fluid retention in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and counteract urine retention in bladder infections. By increasing potassium levels, dandelion aids in alleviating muscle spasms and nighttime leg cramps.

• Constipation, hemorrhoids, and indigestion.   German research has shown that dandelion root is a mild bitter, or appetite stimulant. Bitters of all types activate a reflex that increases the secretion of digestive juices by the lining of the stomach. Dandelion root has a significant cleansing effect on the liver by stimulating the production of bile, which ultimately results in increased transport of a variety of potentially noxious compounds to the stool. Increasing the release of bile also relieves constipation without causing diarrhea and stops spasms of the bile duct. Dandelion should be avoided, however, if you have gallstones, since increasing the flow of bile could increase pressure against the stones.

• Irritable bowel syndrome (IRS).   Bulgarian studies of a five-herb combination including dandelion found that more than 95 percent of IBS sufferers were pain-free after fifteen days of treatment. This herbal combination also improved regularity.

• Liver problems and gallstones.    The bitter principles in dandelion increase bile production and bile flow in the liver. This makes it useful for people with sluggish liver function due to alcohol abuse or poor diet. It is restorative to the liver and helps reduce the risk of developing gallstones, but you should avoid it if you already have gallstones.

• Osteoporosis.   Dandelion is a rich source of boron, which helps to raise estrogen levels in the blood, and in turn helps preserve bone. It is also a rich source of calcium and a fair source of silicon, which some studies suggest helps strengthen bone.

• Overweight.   European herbalists frequently prescribe dandelion tinctures as a weight-loss aid. Dandelion reduces water weight through its diuretic effect. It may also help the liver regulate blood sugars to avoid hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), frequently an immediate cause of binge eating. Also, the increase in bile flow stimulated by dandelion helps to improve fat metabolism in the body. In one laboratory study, animals that were given daily doses of dandelion extract for a month lost up to 30 percent of their body mass.


If you have gallstones or biliary tract obstructions, you should avoid this herb. Dandelion should not be used as a substitute for pharmaceutical diuretics for hypertension. If you are taking diuretic drugs, insulin, or medications that reduce blood-sugar levels, you should use dandelion only under a physician's supervision. People with known allergies to related plants, such as chamomile and yarrow, should use dandelion with caution.

Dandelion also should be avoided during antibiotic treatment, especially treatment with ciprofloxacin (Cipro), ofloxacin (Floxin), lomefloxacin (Maxaquin), norfloxacin (Noroxin), and enoxacin (Penetrex), since it may keep concentrations of these antibiotics from peaking in the bloodstream, diminishing their ability to

NaturVet Cranberry Relief

NaturVet's Cranberry Relief uses a unique blend of natural herbs, veterinarian formulated for cats and dogs. It contains nutritional support that helps to control maladies of your pet's urogenital system. Its components range from natural anti-inflammatories to immune boosters. Cranberry helps to minimize bacterial colonization of the bladder mucosa. $19.99


NaturVet Urinary Support/Bladder Support Gel

Supports urinary tract health. Reduces urine pH, lowering the chance of bladder stones and crystal formation. With natural cranberry and DL-methionine.  Echinacea and Oregon grape root work as antiseptics within the urinary system to help inhibit infection.  Easy to feed, tasty paste.



Leaks No More

Remedy to help reduce incontinence in pets. Leaks No More helps naturally tighten the sphincter muscle which may weaken due to old age or post spaying or neutering. Leaks No More leaves your pet and house clean and dry. (chronic dosing)

Ingredients:Plantago Major 6c&30c, Gelsemium Sempervirens 6c&30c, Cantharis 6c&30c, Causticum 6c&30c, Alumina 6c&30c in 20% USP alc. in purified water.